Gmail can help!Everyone knows a domain email address is more professional and is also a way to market your website at the same time.  But, as time advances, we find ourselves using our mobile devises more. Our email tends to remains on the server longer, resulting in using up our limited space in our mailbox server, causing insufficient space and possibly loosing important email.

We at PC-Mag understand this frustration. We have been searching for a good cost effective solution for you.

After a lengthy search and testing, we have found a hidden feature in Gmail that can help with this situation.

All you really need is a Gmail account, and of course, the domain’s email needs to be set up (and working).

You then activate or “Import” your pop3 email address to Gmail.

This will then cause all your email going to your domain mailbox, to be diverted to your Gmail box, removing it from your domain mailbox. The mail (received in your Gmail box) will still have your domain address, and you can still reply via your domain address. And with Gmail’s 15 gig mailbox, it should last a lot longer than a 25mb mailbox.   

View your Gmail box size here:

I have created an easy to follow set of instructions to assist your Domain email to go to your Gmail account:

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