Welcome back to the second part second part in our series on creating a magnificent home page.

Last time we looked at how "Thinking like your audience" and ways to "Grab their attention" would help improve your website. Today we will be focusing on a couple more important factors. But keep in mind the first two factors, as all these need to work together.

3. Intros are good

Listing a few introduction paragraphs with the common "read more" button is an excellent way to cover various topics different people may be interested in - and keeping them all "above the fold".

4. Don't over do it

At the same time, you don't want to over complicate your home page. This will just confuse and frustrate the viewer. Keep it short and clear.

5. Make the most of Valuable position.

The top part of your website known as "above the fold" will be the first thing a visitor will see, creating the first impression. Making it the most valuable position you have to offer. Some websites like to place a big splashy logo/banner here. However while this may look good, it needs to be used properly and must not be oversized or, it may not give any value to your site, even though its place in the most valuable place! A oversize banner will force the viewer to scroll down every time to see what is on the page!

This does not mean you should not use this, personally I prefer to create a logo with a reasonable size so that the viewer can still see the content below. As for a banner, if it's adding value to the site, then by all means add it. However, if it is just to look pretty, place it further down below (unless you a "pretty designing" company).

So we have 3 more important factors to look at. If you find yourself struggling with implementing these changes, you are most welcome to contact me for some assistance.

Until next time try my pointers above and let me know how it is going. I'll love to hear from you.

Marianna Brown

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