Welcome back to the final part of "Creating a magnificent home page". Well, I cannot say it's totally final. There are so many aspects to improve your home page that one could continue forever. But for now, we'll stop at these 8 points for a little while.

6. Keep it fresh!

Do you read a newspaper regularly? Have you ever noticed that when it gets to that slow relaxing time in December between Christmas and New Year that the news paper gets thinner and thinner? And even the bit that there are seems to be repeating itself day after day. Even the online news sites seem to offer very little new. Personally by day 3 you have read it all already and probably stop buying the newspaper or visiting the online site. Similarly regularly adding some new info to your home page/web pages will encourage your customer to revisit your website. If your website always offer the same old same old, someone is just as much about to revisit your website as they are to buy the newspaper with yesterdays old out dated news!

An added advantage of keeping your website fresh is that it will improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) and therefore bringing in more viewers to your site.

7. Call to action!

Effective home page won't be without a call to action. Signs like : "Sign up now", "Free trial", "Buy now" all prompt your viewer to interact with your web site, and help you make the deal.

8. Clear navigation

Last but not least important, offer your viewer a clear navigation. A good navigation clearly shows your viewers your topics and leads them to them. Without it they may get lost!

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of other ways to improve a website. These are good starting points. Should you be struggling with updating your website, or have any questions, you are most welcome to contact me for some assistance.

Till next week, have fun updating your website.
Marianna Brown

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