website success

Here are some essential ways to help your website succeed.

  1. Have a good and easy navigation.
  2. Use every day English (avoid jargon)
  3. Provide your viewers with information that they are looking for. (Viewer-centered content)
  4. Ensure your home page explains how viewers will benefit from your content/product/service.
  5. Use photos of your products/your services to express what you do/offer.
  6. Build trust by explaining what is unique about your product/service. 
  7. Add your company’s history, achievements, and testimonies to build on the viewer’s trust.
  8. Keep the website up to date and current. An out-dated website sends a message that “this business doesn’t exist anymore”.
  9. Keep the website simple.  Apply the “Don’t make me think” principle.
  10. Keep all forms as short as possible. Too long forms will turn the viewer away.

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