seoSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important for any successful website. There are many factors that will affect the outcome as search engines often change their algorithms in ranking websites, so as to improve the search results of their users. Therefore, if you want to achieve and maintain higher search engine rankings, your website will require time and attention.

Below are a few things that search engines look at in terms of ranking:



A search engine runs a process (called a spider) that “crawls” through websites, going from one link to the next linked page. These linked pages are called backlinks. These pages are indexed and when you type in a search function, the engine searches through these numerous pages and links to display the results. Therefore, backlinks are and will ALWAYS be very important for successful search functioning. Having many different reliablewebsites that have backlinks to your site will improve your website’s ranking.

Tip: Ensure that you display your website address in your signatures in relevant social media, blogs or forum posts. This will increase the amount of backlinks that connect back to your website.

Real and Relevant content

Search engines work to ensure that their users find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. Therefore it is important to consider the quality of content on your domain, and whether the content answers the viewers’ questions. This will affect your ranking. Search engines also check if the content is copied from elsewhere, which could count against your website. So it is important to create fresh content that is real and relevant to the viewers interested in your website.

Tip: Consider hiring a professional copy-writer skilled in the art of online writing and SEO to maximise the potential of your website.



Search engines pick up keywords in their indexes to help their viewers find the information they are looking for. Keywords used in your titles would obviously be very beneficial. It goes without saying that your website must have the keywords that are important and relevant to your business, otherwise how would your viewers find you?

Tip: Ensure any small keyword that may be important to your business is in the content /or titles of your website.

Mobile friendly

More and more people are accessing the internet via mobile devices, so naturally it is important that your website is designed to handle mobile devices.

Tip: Ensure that your website’s menu and any important content is easily accessed / viewed on smaller screens. Click to Tweet

Easy to use

Having a website that is easy to use and easy to understand will definitely count in your favour. When you have a website designed, the content and menu should apply the “don’t make me think” rule. This means that your viewer shouldn’t need to spend time “thinking” where to find something. For a happy viewer, have the info they need right there easily accessible to anyone looking.


In today’s “instant” day and age, we expect to receive information instantly. As a result, a heavy image/coded page that takes long to open will see viewers leaving the site before the page has even downloaded.

Tip: Ensure you don’t overload the page with heavy links or components that take far too long to download.

Social Media

Social media is changing the way we work on the internet.

Remember: Sharing leads to linking which leads to higher rankings.

Tip: Create a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkin, etc profile for your website.

Domain age

Many website domain names are registered for “dodgy businesses” and these are never renewed and don’t last more than a year. Therefore, any new domain needs time for search engines to deem them “trustworthy” and “serious” about their mission.

So, a domain name that is over a year old is more "trustworthy" as long as it didn't get penalized for something in its past.

seoUpdate content

The internet is constantly changing. Search engine spiders are continuously running through the internet searching for content to show their viewers all the time. Just like a website with a domain name that has been going for more than a year is considered “trustworthy”, so too would a website where the content is regularly updated. A website where nothing has changed for a long period of time would come across like a “forgotten” website with old information, and would rank lower than the competitor that is regularly updating their website with new and fresher content .

Tip: Update your site with the latest products or current specials regularly.   Create a blog about a topic that is relevant to your product/service. Click to Tweet

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