It is important to draw potential customers to your website, after all, the website is designed to inform them about who you are and the amazing products and services you offer. As our days are always busy, here are some points to help maximize our exposure

Pomote your website

Offline suggestions:

Ensure your URL ( is always on:

  • letterhead, business cards,
  • e-mail signatures,
  • corporate uniform,
  • promotional items,
  • vehicle signage,
  • any press release/advert,
  • in the yellow pages,
  • pamphlet / brochures ,
  • all signage

Ensure your web address is clearly visible wherever your potential clients are. Click to Tweet

Online suggestions:

  • SEO as discussed in our previously
  • Submit your website to search engine
  • Ensure your link is displayed on all your business Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Send out weekly/monthly newsletter
  • Create a “link exchange” with websites that compliment yours.
  • Engage in online discussions where you can add useful comments/suggestions, and ensure your website is part of your signature. 

These are just a few ideas, but keep your eyes open for where you can meaningfully add your website address to broaden your website exposure. As more potential clients visit your sites, so your sales will grow.

Written by PC-Mag Studio:

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